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Monday, June 16, 2008

Indiana Jones

I went with my wife and Ross to Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. The movie was adequate but mainly disappointing when compared with the previous three.

However the biggest thing that has been bothering me about the movie is the way in which they handled the magnetism of the crystal skull. Indiana Jones finds himself in the warehouse at Area 51 and has been ordered to find the crate that the Russians are looking for, so he throws up gunpowder into the air and the extreme magnetism of the skull draws the gunpowder to it through the air. Then there is a scene as they are pulling the crate out, that the the magnetism of the skull draws the dog tags of the soldiers to it. Another scene shows gold coins being dragged to the skull through, once again, magnetism.

Here is my problem...gold coins and aluminum dog tags are not ferrous metals thus are not magnetic. Further anything with that amount of magnetic power to draw metal to it though the air would require a huge amount of energy/force to pull an item attracted to it, off of it. However in the movie they walk over to the skull and lightly pull the object stuck to it, off of it. And to top it all off in a number of scenes people are riding in metal jeeps/transports/planes holding the Crystal skull that has suddenly decided not to attract anything...should the skull not stick to the metal jeep?

Anyway if they wanted to add this plot element to the script why not think it through...it only came out as stupid and further alienated everyone from crossing from this is kind of stupid, to what a cool adventure story. Factor in the aliens and getting blasted by a nuclear explosion in a refrigerator you have the recipe for a lame movie.

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