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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Playing hooky...I am in a PhD program that is expiated so rather than 16 weeks long it is 8.  So when one class ends on Sunday at 1159am, the next one begins at 1201am Monday morning.  All that said to say I have been neglecting the blog because something had to go...work, plus part-time work, family, church and school has allow me little time for anything else.  I don't even watch television any more...other than game of thrones binge watched.  I am even a season and a half behind in Doctor Who...who would have thunk it?  Anyway I need to get back to the blog thing when I can...kicked in a door at the local Motel Six and had to sit with a whimpering, crying guy, for about two hours, that was all "F*** the police!" till we blew the door in, so I do have material.  Anyway to quote the X-Files the truth is out there.  Police work is far from anything other than honorable and in the end all the black lives matter lies will eventually be exposed, most like the hate speak against us in the late 60's early 70's.  Take a look at the recent Harvard study on police shootings that you haven't heard about.  What?  No bias?