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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Krav Maga Institute something to consider

I ran into the Krav Maga Institute the other day.  One of the issues I have always had with self defense training in Law Enforcement is that it relies on a complicated series of moves that when performed incorrectly brings the officer into greater danger then they had before engaging the offender.  There has been a move in our industry to adopt more real world, ground based fighting techniques that are concerned with real world environments and quick brutal energy conserving offender neutralization.  I have had some training using jiu jitsu techniques and have liked the results.  This Krav Maga seems like something law enforcement officers and training coordinators should look into and consider.  Their Links: Krav Maga Institute-New York Krav Academy - Chicago. The following is a info graphic then sent me for your consideration.  Stay safe out there.

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