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Monday, March 18, 2013

Excellent article to read

Juli Adcock, a frequent commenter on this blog has written an article on Law Enforcement Today entitled, "Chris Dorner No Excuses". It's worth the read.



Juli Adcock said...

Thank you for the huge compliment and privilege of sharing my post! I have truly enjoyed coming to your blog and seeing the world through your eyes. Such a pleasure to read!
We are having a debate on the evolution of policing over at The Badge Guys.(www.thebadgeguys.com) We start out on the political era during the days of the "Irish beat cop" and on through to the crimefighter era, then to the community policing era. We'd sure love to hear what your thoughts are about the good and bad aspects of each era are.
As always, praying for your strength and safety out there.

Badge at the feet of Christ said...

Not a problem always like to share anothers great work.

I will try to get over there and join the conversation asap...

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