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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Silliness...Fantasy Football

I set up my first fantasy football league this year.  I can only name maybe three officers, that I have ever known, that are not enrolled in one league or the other.

So, I am on the bubble.  I have to win last week's game and this week's game to make it into the playoffs of the league I created.

So it comes down to the Monday night football game (11-28-2011).  I only have Victor Cruz (WR, New York Giants) left and he is down to Drew Brees (QB, New Orleans Saints).  My points, 222.20 and his points, 222.50 and the game is in the fourth quarter.  Suddenly the back up quarterback for Eli Manning starts to warm up.  Its over.  I get mad.  Maybe some remotes are thrown and some words were said that should not have been said, it's all a little fuzzy.  So I change my team's name to "The 000's" (Police term for dead) and my team's slogan to "Screw it, I give up, whatever...whatever...let me know where and when I need to be at the winner's dinner."


 Then Cruz catches a pass and runs it into the end zone and I win the week.  Which....launched a flood of texts, emails and calls pointing out I may have jumped to conclusions before it was truly all over.  Which caused me to change my team name again to "Captain Jumps to Conclusions".  I then drew this as my new mascot.

PS:  The birth of a new hero.  My son wants to know why one arm is bigger than the other and I just said it's his super power.  He shook his head sadly and just walked away.

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