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Friday, September 2, 2011

Christian Cops of the Old West

When I was writing the previous post I started wondering, who were the Christian Law Enforcement/Sheriffs in the Old West, and why don't I know about any of them.  I knew I had to fix that issue.

Here is a brief summary of what I found.  My occupational forbears who sought to provide justice in the shadow of the Cross.

John Oliver Allen (1850-1928) - A cowboy and Texas Ranger, Allen was born in Kaufman County, Texas on June 22, 1850. Raised on the frontier, he became a cowboy as a young man and enlisted in Rufus Perry's Company D of the Texas Rangers in early 1874. Though he served less than a year in the Rangers, he was wounded four times in Indian skirmishes and would later say that in one battle, every ranger other than himself had been killed. After leaving the Texas Rangers, he later settled at Cookville, Texas and became a chaplain for the Texas Ex-Rangers' Association. He died at Edinburg, Texas on June 7, 1928.

And...well that's it.  I spent two hours combing the internet and that's all I could find.  There most be a book in here for a group of men that clearly have not received their proper recognition.  I couldn't even find a list of famous old west preachers.  I think I have found a hole in the research into the American Wild West.

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