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Saturday, June 18, 2011

List-Point and Click Games (Best Of)

As previous postings assert, I am a gamer.  There are times where an excellent in depth, long duration game is appropriate and there are other times where a solid twenty to sixty minute game on-line is better.  The following is a list of games I have played and their links.  A "best of" from my personal experience.  The list in no particular order.

1.  Little Wheel -One of the best I have ever played... original, smart, intuitive, beautiful, excellent story line.

2.  Samorost 1-Original, original, original-organically beautiful, story a little simplistic.

3.  Dark Visions-Reminded me of the best of the early PC point and click games. Excellent story, some puzzles are not intuitive.

4.  The Dreamerz-excellent and hard.  Really enjoyed playing it and did I say it was hard?  Very unique and surreal, Oh and did I say it was hard?

5.  Loondon-beautiful, excellent story line, and again unique.  Puzzles too simple would have an incredible game if the two difficulty levels from Dreamerz and Loondon were combined.

6.  Alice is Dead-Point and Click macabre mystery very well done.  Has three episodes.

7.  Vorago-Its the end of the world-Christian point and click without the usual Davy or Goliath or the gentle love.  From the excellent studio Godlimations.com

8.  Bowja The Ninja-Excellent, simple, had me flashing back to the Gameland in Lake Geneva WI in the late 80's, may it RIP.

9.  Aurora-The Old West, Mystery, Super Natural...if it had Doctor Who in it with Resident Evil I would never have to play another game again.

10.  Monster Basement-another Godlimations...I like it but I really don't know why.

11.  Morningstar -Excellent if short, mystery-sci-fi, clicking brown on brown objects...

12.  Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood-Ambitious, Hungarian, doesn't quite work but I understood their drive and my increased cultural understanding of our brothers across the world...

13.   Colour My Fate-A proof of the less is more principle plus they spell color the European way, reminds me of all the reports that got kicked back because of the word "grey" and my Germanic sevens.

 14.   Owls Nest-Oh how I wanted this to be great...undead Nazi's how can that miss...well it does but only by a little and if you have time to kill and souls to eat its worth a play.

15.  Hetherdale-Excellent...what else is there to say...Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull of Doom (keep Lucas away from the director's chair) style done well.

16. Coma-Aspires to be little wheel and comes very close.  Very Playable.

17. Miestas 2-Arty with a dose of yuck.  Brilliant and yet very newspaper-y.

18. Treasure Box-Ok I guess I have a love of the "arty" games...play it...enjoy it...wonder at the mind that created it.

There you have it, about 20 hours for you to burn and also, well, enjoy.

1 Corinthians 9:25
Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

PS:  Anyone need a consultant (free) for any point and click police games?  Or any games at all?  I am available.

*Sigh* still no calls... oh wait...not a game designer...*sigh*

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