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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Second Chance-Part 2

I was talking to a Officer friend of mine about my earlier post about "The Voice" Ted Williams.  I pointed out that the arrests and personal conduct that tends to go with drug addiction and homelessness, that I was sure he had committed, had not, as of yet, come out in the press.  America loves a good underdog, second chance story until they find out about all the poor choices and victims (family, friends, society) the person conducted/created before their "second chance".

Ted Williams is no exception.  But second chances are not about giving someone a new opportunity to turn their life around, rather its two opportunities; one to get their life fixed and the second to rectify all the damage they perpetrated.  Its still a great story, its about beginning the process of personal redemption  and public reconciliation.

Here is what is on the plate for Ted:
1.  With money coming in again and life stress-ors building find another way to deal with life other than drugs and alcohol.
2.  Reestablish connection with children and family-both personally and financially.
3.  Become a life lesson and show others that you can go from the top to the bottom to the top again.

Life is about making mistakes and turning around and fixing them.  Undue the damage that has been done, as much as possible.  Its not about turning your back on the past and only walking forward its about stopping and reaching out one hand to recapture the past and the other hand into the future and pulling yourself along following a positive path.

You know, the straight and narrow path created by Christ and led by the Holy Spirit.  If you are on this path and led by the Holy Spirit then the above is already being done.

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