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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A brief look into a mind

I spend a lot of quality time walking around downtown areas and as such receive many interesting missives from the unrealized mentally ill or in some rare cases well wishing individuals.  I was handed this flyer from a homeless man when I realized that most of the people in America do not get to interact with the marginalized mentally ill people we as officers see every day.  In person and in real time is the best way to educate yourself about them, but at least with the ones that are creative, their output at least give you some sense of understanding.  PLEASE NOTE...I not only do not endorse his ideas I am pretty sure I disagree and am trouble by all of them.

1 Samuel 21:13
So he pretended to be insane in their presence; and while he was in their hands he acted like a madman, making marks on the doors of the gate and letting saliva run down his beard.

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