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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another excellent and needed charity-The Police Survivors

I just discovered this organization dedicated to assisting seriously injured or wounded Police officers. They have similarly wounded officers come to the home of a newly wounded officer for visitations, help them return to the incident location, provide counseling services and have a financial grants available.

I have seen many organizations dedicated to the honorable and critical need of serving the families of fallen officers but this is the first that I have discovered dedicated to a much higher population, the critically wounded officer. I believe they are a cause worth supporting. The following is the link to their web site and some material from it.
The Police Survivors

Mission Statement

The Police Survivors was established to assist in the recovery of any Police Officer who was seriously and traumatically injured in the Line of Duty in the State of Illinois. This will be accomplished through one on one visitations with similarly wounded police officers, return to the scene visitations, private independent counseling services, and financial grants. We are here to assist with the recovery process in any way possible. With your help, we can continue to “Take Care of Our Own".

Donations & Merchandise Our organization relies on your donations; any size donation is greatly appreciated.
You can use the PayPal link below to pay by credit card.
If you would like to pay by check, please make it payable to "Police Survivors" and send it to:

Police Survivors
5215 S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 6063

How We Came To Be

In 1995, a group of seriously injured police officers decided that an organization should be founded to assist in the recovery process of any police officer injured in the line of duty within the state of Illinois. The process took over a year to put together and the following officers formally established The Police Survivors in the spring of 1996. They are Steven Tyler, Joseph Sosnowski, Michael Lappe, Sol Karadjias, Henry Davis Sr. (who has since passed away), Terry Baney, Talmitch Jackson, Jacqueline Healy and Dennis Dobson.

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