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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mosab Hassan Yousef, The Green Prince

I was listening to the BBC World Service News Hour and they had a lengthy interview with Mosab Yousef, who revealed himself to be the green prince.  After his arrest and subsequent release he became an informant for Israeli's version of the CIA.  He has since become a Christian and moved to the United States, and in fully embracing American culture has, of course, written a book which I will be getting.  It all started when a tourist gave him a Bible.

Mosab was able to turn against his homeland, his friends, his family, his initial religious affiliation, his initial political philosophy, his wealth and his power base.  Wow, even though I believe what he did was not only courageous and correct, I am not sure I could have over come all these obstacles that was between Yousef and the right thing.  Is he a hero or a deeply flawed human being that was able to throw off his loyalties and turn his back to all he has known.  I will let you decide.  I am leaning toward hero but need a lot more research on this matter.


Newspaper Write up.
Revealed: 'Green Prince' who betrayed Hamas
Israeli informer who provided intelligence to Shin Bet for more than 10 years is son of jailed Palestinian leader
By Ben Lynfield in Jerusalem

The son of a Hamas leader in the West Bank has told an Israeli newspaper that he was the "Green Prince", a key informer who provided Israel's intelligence services with crucial information for more than a decade.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, 32, is the son of Hassan Yousef, a founder of Hamas in the West Bank who is serving a six-year prison sentence in Israel. His intelligence is said to have helped Israel's Shin Bet intelligence service to prevent dozens of suicide bombings and led to the arrest of top Palestinian leaders. "So many people owe him their life and don't even know it," his former handler told Haaretz. "People who did a lot less were awarded the Israel Security Prize."

The claims were dismissed by Hamas as a "Zionist ruse", but independent analysts in the West Bank said they were plausible. If widely believed, they would deal another blow to the prestige of Hamas, already reeling from the assassination of an armed wing leader in Dubai last month, apparently by Israeli agents. Dubai police say a Hamas member facilitated the killing, and Hamas has been at pains to deny there was a security breach.

Mr Yousef, who now lives in California, has gone public with his claims ahead of the publication of a memoir, Son of Hamas. "I wish I were in Gaza now," he said. "I would put on an army uniform and join Israel's special forces in order to liberate Gilad Shalit." He was persuaded to work as the "Green Prince" – a nickname derived from the colour of the Palestinian flag and his own status as the son of a key Hamas figure – in 1996, while he was in an Israeli prison.

Throughout the early years of the second Palestinian uprising that broke out in 2000, he was considered the agency's best source inside Hamas, and contributed to the arrests of the suicide bombing mastermind Abdallah Barghouthi, now serving 67 life sentences, and the firebrand Fatah leader Marwan Barghouthi, according to the newspaper.

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Slamdunk said...

Courageous story. I'll look forward to hearing more of his story after the book is released.