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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Firefly Thunderbolt Watch

I just picked up a Firefly Thunderbolt Watch through a friend of mine that is a throw back-the classic traveling salesman.  It has led's embedded into the watch so that one push and it illuminates low level blue to read the watch but the second push turns on the orange LEDs that work like a flashlight.  It is rechargeable and all you have to do is lay it on its stand and it will recharge no cords etc.

This is a law enforcement friendly tool.  The reason I decided to buy it was to have a last resort flashlight with me at all times on my wrist and...well...to also tell me the time.  The last time we were out late in the morning working, my flashlight up-and-dried-out (LED's do not dim so you never really know when they are going to go out on you) leaving me to run through a couple of places in the dark-not a good tactical position-and then perform some searches borrowing other guys lights.  If I had this watch then it would have saved a lot of hassle.  I think for any Officer that works after the sun goes down this would be a good way to go.  Just a thought.

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