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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla

The Mexican Cartel Drug Wars rarely touch the Midwest where I live, in any significant way other than their products are consumed and injected on our streets and byways.   However, when I ran across an article about jesus vicente zambada niebla being in federal custody in our local paper I thought it was cool but not earth shattering till I did some research. He really popped up.  I have a rule, in hard news the more outlets propagate a story the more significant it becomes in my mind.  Here is a list and a couple lines from that day from the different news sources that I encountered, starting from Chicago where he ended up and then pulling out.  30 is a big fish for a change.

1.  Son of Mexican drug kingpin pleads not guilty in US court

(AFP) – 2 days ago

CHICAGO — A leading Mexican drug figure suspected of plotting attacks on government buildings in the United States and Mexico pleaded not guilty in a US court Tuesday to trafficking charges.

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla is the son of one of Mexico's top drug lords, Sinaloa cartel chief Ismael "el Mayo" Zambada-Garcia, and led its operations, logistics and security, Mexican officials said following his March arrest.

Shackled at the ankles and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, Zambada-Niebla stood quietly with his hands clasped behind his back as his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf and an interpreter translated the brief proceedings.

2.  Mexico to Chicago: Cartel leader extradited (Chicago Examiner)

In what has been heralded as a significant step forward in the war on drugs, a high ranking member of the Sinaloan drug cartel has been extradited to Chicago from Mexico. Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla is described as a second generation cartel leader that was responsible for the import of over $50,000,000.00 worth of Cocaine into the United States with Chicago being the hub of the operation.

3. Alleged Sinaloa drug cartel leader denies Chicago charges (Chicago Sun Times)

A man described by authorities as a high-ranking leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel pleaded not guilty today in federal court in Chicago to wide-spread drug conspiracy charges that accuse him and others of bringing massive amounts of cocaine and heroin in to Chicago.

4. Alleged Mexican cartel figure pleads not guilty (The Washington Post)

By MIKE ROBINSONThe Associated Press
Tuesday, February 23, 2010; 3:51 PM
CHICAGO -- A man accused of being one of the leaders of a powerful Mexican drug cartel pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he conspired to import and sell large amounts of cocaine and heroin in the United States.

5. Mexico: Alleged "narco-junior" Vicente Zambada extradited to the U.S. (Los Angeles Times)

Vicente Zambada, son of one of Mexico's top drug kingpins and allegedly a major operator in his own right, was extradited Thursday to the United States, where he will stand trial on federal trafficking charges, authorities in both countries said.

Zambada, 34, was flown to Chicago and will be arraigned on Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo.

Ok you get the idea

2 Kings 15:9
He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, as his fathers had done. He did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he had caused Israel to commit.


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Anonymous said...

he is going to get out of prision... stupid americansjaja

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, since the US as well as Mexico has a corrupt legal system, eventhough, we might have bills in our pockets that IN GOD WE TRUST. For one, the bills are right, we should trust God and not the legal system and all of it's identities. Second of all, most likely he will get out of prison or he just won't make it to prison since he is in federal custody still!(hmmm...weird-what's taking them so long?)at least with the kind of money, power, influences that are behind him, and I don't mean Zambada Dynasty money, I mean Chapo Guzman money.

Badge at the feet of Christ said...

To put on my crystal ball...he will serve time there is too much heat on too many prosecutors for him to walk...but he has already retained the best lawyers in the United States so he will certainly will not serve as much times as he should (life). Regardless it is a major coup for Calderon to get him here alive...him and the all the officers that touched him or spoke to him or were in the same station house he was in or heard about him etc.

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this is out of control, is not only in Mexico also has reach my country, narcowar si a total mess, army men abuse from they power while people like this men give some money under the table to local police to maintain the silence.

Anonymous said...

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Badge at the feet of Christ said...

He will get out and it will be through the front door...it will be after some time in prison. The unique thing about the Mexican drug cartels verses the Columbian's in the 80's is simple and interesting. They hold the money to themselves. The Columbian's used violence in their home country much like the Mexicans due but unlike the current crop of cartel they threw money around every where else. Once the drugs reach America the Mexican's do except the 8% loss they suffer through american drug interdiction, they basically make no attempt other than to control their workers here. They see no gain in interacting with politicians and law enforcement to recover a small percentage of the 8% they loose.