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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There are still thinkers and game changers out there!

Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce I was reading my wife's Food Network Magazine (No really its her's) and found a brief blurb about Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce.  The ingredients are grown by prisoners at the Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa as part of the jails horticultural program.  There are three varieties: Original, Smoke and Super-Hot No Escape.

I have heard from many people fresh from incarceration that their jail time was a waste of time because they had nothing to do, so when they got out they just jumped back into the life and crime they understood.  This jail at least offers both the opportunity to learn a new skill, demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit and give them something to do as the time clicks by.

A excellent program that is doing good for those in the jail, for us on the outside and for them that will be returning back to us.

Link: http://www.jailhousefire.org/


Anonymous said...

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Badge at the feet of Christ said...

I agree. I am always intrigued by the means utilized by the small businesses to elevate themselves above the din of the major advertisers when do to the lack of funds their creativity comes into play.

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