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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Godly Women

I would like to start a post where I did not shoot my mouth off but this one will not be the first of the "I thought before I spoke series". Anyway I have finally jumped on the bandwagon that is Facebook, it was something my wife and her friends have been doing for sometime. It fun for doing quick hits and finding people that you have not spoken to in twenty years. If you do not know, part of the process is finding and befriending people. I became facebook friends (sign of theApocalypse number 17) with one of the fathers of Ross' schoolmates.  Without thinking I also facebooked (verb?) his wife since she was a facebook friend of my wife.

Fast forward a few days and we are all out at the park district since we run three soccer teams from Ross and Rebecca's school. That wife and I really do not talk to each other but I speak to her husband throughout most of the game. About halfway through the first game she walked up to me and was clearly nervous. She then told me that she has rejected my facebook request because she has a policy that the only men that she has "friended" is her husband and two other male family members in order to maintain accountability. I then told her that, that was fine and a good standard to maintain. At this time someone else in the group said that they knew a couple of people getting into trouble on facebook by looking up old girlfriends and getting reacquainted. I would have been fine had I just stopped there but not wanting to let a smartass moment get away I said to her husband as she was walking off, "I think the real the real problem, Joe, was your wife can't handle my super hot stud-ness."  At which we all laughed and someone else said, "Sure that's what the problem was!".

I thought about this for about a day and realized that here was a wife trying to be a Godly woman and maintain appropriate relationships and boundaries in an age that praises neither trait and further, rather than just reject my friend request she had the courage and forthrightness to speak to me about and further still she was not attacking me for my conduct. I repaid her kindness and Holiness with ridicule.

So after sending her husband an e-mail praising her conduct I began thinking how much better would our society be if more Godly women were supported and praised. Almost every case of adultery that I know about started with a minor boundary violation. The work lunch that had just two people in attendance, the joke swop e-mail exchange, the venting of personal problems to a non-family member (an aside here, there maybe some exception somewhere but most men that I have know only listen to home troubles of a friend/co-worker of the opposite sex in order to use it to manipulate the outcome, a lot of paths to the bedroom started that way).  How could it happen in the first place if the first boundry was never crossed.  Its hard to have sex on the soccer field in front of everyone and it is hard to make the suggestion if the communication has to go through the husband first! 

So if you want the divorce rate to finally slide under 50% then praise the Godly woman and hope there is one waiting for you when you get home...I have one waiting and now I will make sure I praise others as I meet them.

1 Timothy 3:11

In the same way, their wives are to be women worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything.

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