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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Corssroads again

I think that I am safe in assuming that I am not the only one that finds himself/herself looking back and being surprised at my current location, bewildered by the multitude of happenings of luck/fate/choice (IE Gods hand) that it took to bring me here and wondering where I am going from here.

Every so often an opportunity presents itself that allows you to have the ability to see the divergent paths separating in front of you rather than discovering all the forks in the road only after you have passed by them.

I have encountered a simple one in which I really do not know which path I will take, the right or the left.

I have applied for tuition reimbursement from my department for a program that I wish to join. While it is in our contract, and a fantastic perk, its acceptance is far from assured, simply because of our current slumping economy and my cities sales tax revenue losses. So I now sit and wait, having taken all the steps that I can take and waiting to see which path God's hand will push me, the right or the left.

PS The program is a cool one and it is from Olivet Nazarene University. It is a Ed.D in Ethical Leadership. It is an expedited executive program and completes in just three years. I hope I find myself there by this time next year, but only if that is where God wants me to be. Here is the link for the program-cut n paste- http://www.olivet.edu/academics/GCS/edd_el.asp

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