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Friday, January 11, 2008

The ten best movie endings

The ten best movie endings (without some of the classics that everyone knows about)

10. Napoleon Dynamite-finally someone to play tetherball with…
9. Clerks-nothing changes they just keep on keeping on…
8. Razing Arizona-The Dream, then I see a table…
7. Fuzz-Yul Brynner’s deaf terrorist reaching up from the water to retrieve his listening device
6. Rocky-Adrian! Adrian! Adrian!
5. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly-one more bullet to cut the ugly from the noose and ride out into the sunset
4. The Road warrior (Mad Max 2) Sand in the tanker? Was he tricked? Did he know? Where does he go from here?
3. Star Wars-KA BOOM –pass out the awards-enough said
2. The Life Aquatic: Steve Zassou-the Bill Murray character carrying the child on his shoulders down the pathway-in some small way he “gets” it.
1. Indiana Jones: Slowly wheeling the ark of the convent to be lost once again amid the piles of crates in a federal warehouse.

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