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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Doug Parker Where are you.

I find it strange that you can loose friends and acquaintances in this day and age of electronic communication. Or maybe they want to be lost, I never know. The ease of communication at times makes it easier to maintain surface relationships rather than be challenged to have deep and lasting friendships. Anyway there are a couple of people that have slipped by me that I would like to reconnect with.

So I am going to see how true the six degrees of the Kevin Bacon game really is.

If you know a Doug Parker who attended the Illinois Police State Academy from Jan-May 1997, then worked as a conservation officer in either Lake or McHenry Counties (I can not remember which) then went to Georgia to be a a conservation officer there and then, I believe, went to Atlanta PD. Then have him contact me here at the blog or leave a way to get a hold of him (I assume E-mail).
Look out Chris Wood you are next.

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