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Friday, November 30, 2007


I was reading the newspaper today and I was struck by an English graffiti artist named "Banksy". His real identity is know only to a few and he still goes out to commit his public/illicit art. His works are now being sold in galleries for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have viewed a number of his works and I really like what he does.

I was struck by two things. First there still is a mechanism in society in which someone by their own hand can propel themselves into success. Second that few people appreciate how the police tend to get pulled into the middle and blamed by both sides of an issue. I was struck by the comments of those who supported Banksy's artistic vision in that they decried police involvement in removing and investigating his graffiti and a group against his public vandalism complaining against the police because they are not enforcing the laws that are already on the books.

Look if you support an issue and it is against the law-get the law changed. We (the PO) can not enforce something that is not there. Second if you do not think we are doing enough about another issue then come to your local station and ask how you can help. What I see is two groups of people on either side of an issue sitting on their pimply backsides doing nothing but complaining. And we the police, who are doing something, interesting for both groups, is main entity being blamed, not the artist, not the building owners, not the gallery owners etc.

In support of doing something about what you believe in I am formally inviting Banksy to come to my house in Chicago and paint whatever strikes him on my detached garage. E-mail me Bansky ummmmmm remember I do have little children.

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