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Friday, September 21, 2007

Someone You Should Know

One of my guilty pleasures is video gaming. Primarily playstation 2 (hopefully soon to be playstation three) and on-line computer games. The games that I enjoy the most are the Resident Evil Series, the Final Fantasy Series and the Metal Gear Solid Series. Unfortunately in all these series there are elements that are disquieting for a believer and some games I will not play at all because of their content regardless of their playability (as an example, the highest reviewed game of all time for playstation is Grand Theft Auto: San Andres-very evil). The video game industry has higher gross sales than the movie industry (if you factor out porn)and reaches a very wide and very young demographic.

There is a great need for Christian Video game programmers and producers.

I found this web site for Patrick Majewski one such video game programmer. I believe he should be supported in his effort to provide Christian themes and concepts in an exciting and playable video game experience. I have played some of his games and they are good and show great potential.

I am sure he would appreciate our support for his work for Christ and what a great way to bring the truth to a new audience.

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