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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You know your a cop when...

Yes I know this have been done to death but hey I can contribute just like the rest of the herd.  So here is a brief list of and in no particular order....


  • You get onto a crowded elevator and turn slightly so that every eye is on you and you can watch every eye.
  • You are the last to get to the table at the restaurant but your the first to sit down because everyone had to get back up so that your seat is against the wall and views the exits.
  • Memories of the Fourth of July are not of parades, picnics and fireworks but they are of stupid drivers that would not follow your directions and drunken idiots that just plain couldn't.
  • Halloween see above and add little kids running into traffic.
  • That at one point in your career the midnight shift guy at the local convenience store is your best friend and you can't quite figure out just what country he came from. 
  •  Your regular friends ask you to stop calling at 2:00am to find out how they are because work is slow.
  • Waving to your wife when you are going to bed as she is getting up to go to work.
  • Having to say, "Ma'am please put your top back on and sit down!"
  • The only natural materials to touch your body is when the prisoner wants another blanket.
  • On one day you take a class on how to shoot to be deadlier, the next day you take a sensitivity class to be friendlier.
  • In the early 90's you were still writing reports with a pen and white-out.
  • Your cell phone had voice-mail before your department did.
  • Your grandmother had email before your department did.
  • That dumpster diving is not a sport but part of your profession
  • When times are good no one wants your job, when times are bad everyone tries to take your job.
and finally...sometimes the blue and black of the uniform matches the blue and black on your body.


Adoro said...

LOL! Sounds familiar!

Although in 1996 when I started there was no white-out, but carbon copies so if I screwed up that bad, I had to star ALL OVER again!

On the other hand, my department had women who transcribed my statements for me as long as I properly turned over the tape. If the tape didn't get eaten up.

Badge at the feet of Christ said...

I had the great luck of a budget cut stopping all the transcription girls before I got hired. The vets used to tell me you would dictate into a microphone and they would do the rest. Seemed like a great way to do it...